Gold buyers in Bangalore

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Hello every, welcome to our blog. Gold buyers in Bangalore gives you detailed description regarding where, when, how to and for how much sell your gold. We are the gold buyers in Bangalore and we purchase gold from you at the best price. We check a few things, make sure that the gold is pure and estimate the best price for you. We also let you select the payment option as per your choice.

Gold is always purchased for an investment and also to look beautiful and prosperous. It is always sold out whenever the need for money arises especially at the time of emergency. Gold is an important part of our lives, especially for the old peoples.

We being the gold buyers in Bangalore assure you the best price of your gold with our modern technology checking and current price consideration of gold. We purchase gold from you in a transparent manner and at the fair price. We accept gold from our customers in all the forms such as jewellery, coins, statues or any other. You can also book an appointment online on our website to save your extra spent time.

There are two important things to be taken care of while you sell your gold. To get an honest amount of gold to be aware of the following points:


Be aware of the fraudsters

There are chances of someone fooling you by offering more money for your gold. They inform you to pay more and later end up fooling you.The same point is to be taken care of when you purchase the gold. At the time of purchase, there are chances of getting fooled by being provided with the low carat gold instead of the high one. This mischief can only be understood when you sell the gold. Hence it is important to purchase the gold having Hallmark and none other than that.

Sell gold to trusted dealers

It is important to check whether the dealer you are selling to is a trusted one or not. We suggest you to never sell your gold for less amount. Visit us and get the 100% guarantee of price as well as service. We are one of the best gold buyers in Bangalore. 

Reasons to choose us to sell your gold:

  • You get a transparent value of your gold
  • You also get the highest price for your gold
  • You can sell as any type of gold
  • Our technology testing gives perfect result
  • All the deals are made securely and privacy is maintained

What if you also have silver and diamond?

  • You can also sell your silver to us and get the best possible price for it also. However, the amount of silver will be less than that of gold.
  • We purchase all kinds of silver such as coins, jewellery as well as statues.
  • Same as gold, silver will also be checked properly with the latest technology and the best possible price will be given to you.
  • In the same way, you can also sell your real diamonds. We will have a proper check over the quality and pay you the possible amount.
  • You can also exchange your silver or diamond against silver coins or gold coins. The difference amount will have to be paid by you.

Different payment options available

As per the requirement of user and as per the availability of medium, we offer mainly three different options for payment.

  1. The first is the direct cash payment option. Here you get the cash amount instantly in your hands. In this payment method, there is no risk of online fraud.
  2. Second one is IMPS transfer in which extra charges are applicable
  3. Third is the internet banking. These transfers may require some amount of time. It includes:
    1. NEFT Transfer
    2. RTGC transfer

For RTGS transfer, the amount to be payable must be more than or equal to INR 2,00,000.

Are you confused about your gold’s quality? Here is a list of things necessary to sell your gold.

  • It is important to have a bill of the purchase jewellery or gold item.
  • The gold must have a Hallmark to prove its purity.
  • The gold should pass the technology test of checking the quality.
  • The amount will be paid only based on the carat of your gold.
  • The final estimate will be made on the running price and not on the price of purchase.

We being the best gold buyers in Bangalore understand your concern for the gold and we also understand your reason behind selling it. No one likes to sell gold but if you need to do so, we one of the best gold buyers in Bangalore are ready to help you out. You just need to bring your gold to us and take the value of it, leave rest of all the work on us.


We the gold buyers in Bangalore assure you to provide a guaranteed and trusted service and we make sure you come again to our store. To get the best amount of your items, you only have to make sure that they are pure and the quality is good.